It was a good deal, until it wasn't.

I’m going to keep this one brief. The old saying you get what you pay for couldn’t be more true. I’ve come across so many people shopping around for the best price when it comes to live music entertainment for their special event. Nothing wrong with that, we all want to save some money especially when these events could end up costing thousands of dollars. But sometimes what seems like a good deal may not be. So when I’m speaking with some of these clients and they mention a competitor’s price against mine, I get a little scared. Not for me, but for them.

Anybody who has a good professional reputation, years of experience and skills under their tool belt will not come cheap. For example, there’s literally hundreds of thousands of DJs you can choose for your wedding. Anybody can download free low-quality MP3 songs off YouTube and rent a pair of speakers and a microphone. However, a solid wedding DJ knows their worth. Keep in mind, this is the same individual who will be entertaining your ceremony and reception party from start to finish, making all the important announcements, grand entrances, your first dance and play good music to keep your guests dancing. Your wedding doesn’t happen every year, there’s no do-overs, so why would you risk ruining what could be the biggest day of your life just to get a cheap deal. Like I said, it will seem like it was a good deal, until it wasn’t.