Hiring A Wedding DJ - A Few Simple Steps.

When it comes to hiring the right wedding DJ, this can make or break your wedding day. So let’s get into how to do it right the first time around and make this process easy for you.

Now, the first thing most engaged couples will do when hiring a pro wedding DJ is:

1: Think of someone they might know or be referred to.

2: Ask the venue if they have a DJ as one of their preferred vendors.

3: Turn to the internet and do a little research until you find the right match.

The process of booking a DJ is not a difficult one, but you want to try to ensure it’s the right fit for you. Especially on certain occasions where you’re not meeting in person before the wedding, which happens more often now-a-days. So when you think you found someone get in touch with them. Better yet, see if you can schedule a Skype call with them to see and speak to them face to face (virtually) or if they’re local try to set up a meeting. Believe me this is a great way to break the ice and find out first hand if this person is the right DJ for your wedding. Personality plays a big role, especially if the DJ is also an MC. Which brings me to my next point….

Does the DJ also MC? This is something you need to confirm. Most of the time, people assume you MC because you’re a DJ, in most cases that’s true. But, it doesn’t hurt to ask. You can also ask if they are bi-lingual and able to communicate with some guests who might not fully understand English. I personally get this from many different cultures who do traditional weddings. So find out what their level of MC is.

Are they in your budget? A pro wedding DJ doesn’t cost nearly as much as a full wedding band for example, but each have their own price - mostly based on their level of experience, so each one is going to vary. Some DJs tend to charge more for a Saturday wedding rather than a Sunday. Find out if there’s a difference in price. Also, find out what else is included in their DJ service; is lighting included for the dance floor, or is that extra? So find one that you like within your budget, you’ll find most are willing to negotiate.

Be clear about what kind of music you do want to hear and don’t want to hear. If you have a lot of kids attending your wedding and want to keep the music clean then mention that to them. Most DJs are already well aware of this in advance. If there’s a certain type of music, artist, song you don’t want to hear simply because it brings down your mood for any reason, then mention that as well. Remember the DJ is there to play the music you desire for your wedding so any information you give them helps. If you’re not sure what you want, then give them a general idea of similar music you like listening/dancing to and let them do the rest.

From that point on make any final arrangements before your wedding date and get ready to dance your biggest dance yet. Enjoy the moments of your first dance together as a married couple and if you like, tip your DJ as well. Remember this is how they make a living, they are there to entertain you when it counts most. If you have any questions about booking a wedding DJ, feel free to reach out to us for more information. We’ll help consult you on booking the right DJ for your wedding date at no extra cost.

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