"I Do"

When most couples visualize the moment they both say "I do", the two most important words in the entire wedding ceremony, they don't often think about how everyone else is going to hear those words. I can't say that I blame them. Couples have their heads so busy wrapped around other things that audio is one of the most important aspects that's often overlooked.

Imagine the ceremony outside, on a beautiful day, the weather is perfect, you can picture it now. Your family and friends watching you with a smile on their faces. Suddenly, the officiant points the microphone close to your mouth without you even realizing it.

All you're thinking about is saying those 2 simple words, "I do."

Lucky for you, somebody remembered that part of the ceremony and hired the right guys to make sure everyone attending heard it too. But you would be surprised how often sound production is over-looked when it comes to special events even when that includes your ceremony and your reception. We're here to help you make everything sound nice and Smooth!

Organization is the key. When you need things organized in a matter of time, you need reliable people so you don't have to micro-manage everything. My recommendation - leave the audio in the hands of professionals to make sure your event delivers all the expectations of how it should sound. So you can focus on the other important things you need for your big day.