Wedding Venues and DJs

I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine who recently got married. When congratulating him and his wife, I asked, "so how was the wedding?" At first it sounds as if everything went smooth. The wedding venue they had chosen was nice and cozy and provided them a special package that includes everything they need for the ceremony and reception, including the DJ for the reception party. When they asked if they were able to choose their own musicians for the reception, the venue quickly persuaded them to stick with the "in-house" DJ as if it was the better option. So the story goes after the ceremony when it came time to introduce the new bride and groom, the entrance seemed a bit off. The music wasn't right and it was interrupting the rehearsal routine they had practiced before. Not only that but the DJ completely butchered their first dance. "It was the worst part of the entire night" my friend blatantly said. Sounding a bit regretful of going with the DJ the venue had provided them.


The truth is you have the freedom to choose whoever you want for your wedding. You can provide any DJ/Musician(s) you would like on your wedding day. The venue will always tell you that their packages are the best options. However, it's the small details that make the biggest difference. Music is one important factor in any special event that you will notice and remember for a lifetime. Every event is different, and it requires the right musician to accommodate your entertainment. If I'm attending a Persian wedding, I'm hoping to hear a good mix of Persian music that will get people dancing. If it's an Indian wedding, I expect that the DJ should know what he is playing for this type of audience. People want to enjoy themselves and have fun. With that being said, don't always go with what seems to be the most convenient or cheaper option. This is your special day and your family and friends will be attending. Make it as much of a memorable experience for them as you want it to be for you. 


We understand time is a factor and there is no room for error. You want your wedding day to be special, memorable and most importantly to have a little peace of mind knowing you have reliable people to make it happen. If you're in the market looking for a specific style of music for your wedding, engagement party or any special celebration, we're here to help. From DJ's that play top 40 hits to rock & roll bands, solo musicians, wedding singers and more options to choose from, we'll make sure the music captures the magic for you on your special day.