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With this package, Sound For Ceremony will provide:

DJ ✓

Set the tone right away at your party. Your DJ will mix together your chosen (theme) music for up to 4 hours.

Pro Audio ✓

Make a special toast that everyone will hear! We provide microphones and speakers for any public announcements.

Lighting ✓

Our LED lights will bring your party to life. We provide you lighting to make your party extra stunning!!

Photo Booth ✓ (optional)

Got a theme for your party you want to remember? Create unforgettable moments at your photo station and make use of our fun party props.

Total: $750
  • No payment is required at this time. After you submit this form a representative will contact you to discuss the details of your event further and send you a digital form of your top music requests.

  • Once in agreement, a deposit is to be made in order to book the date of the event.

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